Lessons from UN Train Sea Coast programme

by Manuela de los Rios

Train Sea Coast was an international training programme for coastal and marine management devised by Stella Maria Vallejo. The aim was to buid a network of trainers and training materials across the world to build capacity in coastal and marine issues adapting training contents to each region’s needs.

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A network of regional centres was developed in Southern American, African, Eastern European and Oceania States and these were coordinated by UN-DOALOS from New York. Over a hundred training courses were delivered and specialised trainers prepared to deliver these courses in their own areas.

Under the direction of Stephen Olsen from CMRC and coordinated by Glenn Page from Sustainametrix we carried out a utilization based evaluation that looked into how the project was actually delivered, its outcomes and developed a number of useful reccomendations for future practice. The key challenges were clarifying key data (as many years had gone by since the project started) and writing up a report that respected the format required but analysed and highlighted the critical issues that influenced the process, results and sustainability of the project.

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