Parents as change agents - training course

by Manuela de los Rios

Aware that I love a challenge and specially when it has to do with education, my friend María asked me if I wanted to train a group of families from one of the most neglected neighbourhoods in Jerez, Jerez Sur, known also as “El chicle” (chewing-gum!).

Rather than follow the classical coursebook we decided to transform the 24 hours of training in a hands-on learning experience, focusing on a project families were interested in. They decided to create a blog (AMPAs Sur en Accción - Parents associations in Action) to reach out to other families who couldn’t come and explain the role of parents in formal education and a fantastic event attended by most associations of Jerez.

View the blog here:

The parents presented their best practices, concerns, and most of all expressed the need for learning and working together, to look outside our own schools and neighbourhoods.

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