Celebrating cultural diversity – working with volunteers

by Manuela de los Rios

Phew! Back from our second intercultural festival, organised by our team in Amazonas, and this year with the unvaluable support of 8 volunteers from the University of Cádiz.

In this event over 100 members of the university community gather to learn, enjoy and live the experience of diversity. The programme includes icebreakers, a photo-session to place yourself on the map and meet people who come from places you would like to travel to, a round table to discuss on opportunities and limitations for diversity at university and ideas and suggestions for improvement, international lunch (with recipes from all over the planet), 6 workshops (drumming, indian dancing, love across cultures, animal protection, tea ceremony, samba, etc) and a final concert where everyone joins in to dance, sing and play music. >You can check out the blog we pulled together https://interculturaluca.wordpress.com or facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/1573504816244295/. > View Amazonas website https://amazonasintercultural.wordpress.com and Uni volunteering service http://servicio.uca.es/uca_solidaria

Anyway, I was writing this post not just because of the festival but rather because of the fantastic experience we had with our volunteers. We started off giving them the opportunity to help us plan the event from the very start. This was a challenge as they were not used to taking their own initiatives in the context of the university. But we gradually built trust and care and they ended up becoming responsible for many of the tasks involved and sharing the goal of making the event a huge success.Fingers crossed we can get together next year for the festival!

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