Short and sweet workshops at the Sea Fair in San Sebastian Castle (La Caleta)

by Manuela de los Rios

I was invited to take part with a colleague from Uni in running a workshop for schoolchildren and the general public last Friday.

The Sea Fair project belongs to “Labimar”, a new space created by the university for Marine Science communication based in the well known caste of San Sebastian in the town centre. We designed a very short but intense session to allow participants “hear and recreate man-made and nature-made sounds of the sea”, identify and quantify coastal and marine species from different local habitats through a game and finally think about beach pollution, causes, consequences and leave a message on a personalised mural. The workshops were too short to get into critical thinking and analysis but it always surprises me how natural it comes to children the sense of injustice against animals. We had a fun day although it was very very windy and now looking forward to the “Scientists evenings” in September.

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