Miramare – my first MPA experience in environmental education

by Manuela de los Rios

To design and develop my dissertation I spent 3 months in Trieste, where the cooperative Shoreline manages the Miramare MPA (Riserva Marina di Miramare) with the support of WWF.

In those times the Visitors Centre was nearly ready to be opened to the public and I was lucky enough to have been there and help out in creating that magical feeling for visitors (tourists and schools mainly) who had to take off their shoes before “diving in”.

The visitors experience of going through the various environments, the touchtank, the surrounding cinema room, the Mediterranean music and species room was fantastically recreated. A computer game and touch panels were used then for visitors to find out more.

This makes me think how technology has changed during these past 10 years, and so much information and knowledge can be learnt and exchanged now through smartphones, apps and interactive devices…a huge potential.

Full of ideas after the IECA course and activities at Amazonas or at the Sea Fair, I’m looking forward to making some of this happen soon here in Cadiz or elsewhere!

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