Short and sweet workshops at the Sea Fair in San Sebastian Castle (La Caleta)

I was invited to take part with a colleague from Uni in running a workshop for schoolchildren and the general public last Friday.

Evaluation Plan ENCORA website services

The Encora partnership developed a website…. My role was to evaluate how and if these services were being effective.

3 mistakes I have made in EU project communications!

Well inspired, on my way back from the NWE Interreg IVB Comms Seminar. We realised during this meeting how important it is to share our lessons at the project level, I’m really keen to hear your moans and groans and most importantly, how you overcame! Here are my three mistakes (I have plenty more of course!):

Celebrating cultural diversity – working with volunteers

Phew! Back from our second intercultural festival, organised by our team in Amazonas, and this year with the unvaluable support of 8 volunteers from the University of Cádiz.

Lessons from UN Train Sea Coast programme

Train Sea Coast was an international training programme for coastal and marine management devised by Stella Maria Vallejo. The aim was to buid a network of trainers and training materials across the world to build capacity in coastal and marine issues adapting training contents to each region’s needs.

Parents as change agents - training course

Aware that I love a challenge and specially when it has to do with education, my friend María asked me if I wanted to train a group of families from one of the most neglected neighbourhoods in Jerez, Jerez Sur, known also as “El chicle” (chewing-gum!).

Miramare – my first MPA experience in environmental education

To design and develop my dissertation I spent 3 months in Trieste, where the cooperative Shoreline manages the Miramare MPA (Riserva Marina di Miramare) with the support of WWF.